Do not lose face with diet

Do not lose face with diet

do not lose face with diet

Often, when people lose weight, their focus is only on losing weight. At that time, they have only one goal in mind that how to lose weight as quickly as possible.
While losing weight, attention should also be paid to whether it is affecting the beauty of the face. Often, when women lose weight, they lose their beauty such as the color of the face becomes yellow, the color looks more black, the black pits under their eyes, etc. In such a situation, women often get frustrated.
If you are troubled by the same thing, then you can make your face attractive through makeup because only with makeup you can hide the shortcomings of your face and skin, for which you should clean the face with cleansing milk. Bleaching can use facial cream to match the facial hair with the skin. Massaging the face with cream can maintain the attractiveness of the face. Massage keeps the face glowing. The face can be made even by applying packs etc.
Along with facial beauty, different styling of hair can also attract itself. Pay attention to some special tips to keep your face glowing: -

- Clean the face with clearing milk. After that use skin toner.

- If there is a blemish on the face or there are dark pits under the eyes, apply a concealer on the face. Spread the concealer well on the face. Clean the excess concealer with tissue paper.

- After foundation, apply foundation matching the skin of face and neck. Make sure to use it on the neck as well, otherwise, the face will be painted.

After compaction, apply compact powder so that the skin of the face looks the same.
For eyelashes, apply eyeliner and mascara on the eyelids. Make the eyebrow darker with the eyebrow pencil.

-Blusher to bring bulge on galos. The blusher starts from the top of the cheek to the ear.

-Now apply lipstick that matches the dress, which will enhance the lips.

- Proper diet, eat low-calorie food so that the face will remain glowing.

After paying attention to all these things, the viewer will not be able to know that you are on dieting because the face will be strong. People will get up saying, wow, what a figure and so much beauty.
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