How to health care in home.

Health care in home

Today, in your blog, how can you take care of yourself from home things. And how can you easily take care of yourself? Today, in the race life of tomorrow, we are not able to take care of ourselves and sometimes we become ill, sometimes there is a weakness in the body, due to which our immune system reduces. And if we are unable to pay attention to our work, then today I am going to tell you how you can easily take care of yourself at home. 

how to health care in home
health care in home

1) Do not eat fruits after meals:

Generally, people eat fruits after meals which is a wrong habit as fruits are already digested by nature and do not require much energy to digest fruits. While the food takes 3-4 hours to digest. If we eat fruit after taking food, then the fruit digests quickly and the digested food starts in late. Those who have eaten before should digest it first. Therefore, fruits should be consumed before meals. Follow these health care services.

2) Do not drink water while eating:

We know this very well that water should not be drunk while eating. Because when the food is in our mouth, our tongue recognizes the quality of the food and the appropriate digestive acid starts seeping in our stomach, in such a way, when we drink water with food, the ability of these digestive acids becomes light and the food Digestion is hindered. Therefore, we should never drink water while eating home nursing care.

3) Have dinner 3 hours before bedtime:

Dinner should always be done 3 hours before bedtime because our body is engaged in the re-creation and regeneration of millions of cells at bedtime, in such a way that if we go to sleep immediately after eating food then our body will be able to build cells. The place will spend its energy on digesting the food itself, which has a negative effect on our health. If possible, drink 1 glass of lukewarm water before going to bed at night, because of this the food is digested even more quickly.

4) Drink an appropriate amount of water:

Our body is 70% water, so at least 4-5 liters of water should be consumed daily. Constipation is not caused by drinking the appropriate amount of water. Water should never be drunk with RO because filtering the water with reverse osmosis removes all the minerals of the water and the water becomes dead, so UV treated water should be drunk.nursing in the home.

5) Do not hold the stool for long:

We should clean the stomach two to three times a day: we should clean our stomach at least 3 times. We can learn from infants how to follow the natural way of clearing the stomach. They have beaten mother's milk at the same time, they clean the stomach. Follow the natural method and stop the toxic elements and acidic residues from staying in the body for 24 hours.

6). Increase the amount of raw food:

Raw food means sprouted grains, raw vegetables like carrot radish, cucumber, sweet potato, or even more vegetables that you find delicious. The food gets nourished by cooking food and phytochemicals are converted into toxic chemicals. Therefore, make a habit of eating as much raw food as possible.

7). Get used to deep breathing:

Take a deep breath: We use only 25% of the capacity of our lungs and mostly take a light breath which is a wrong habit. Practice deep breathing by taking healthy breaths so that the lungs can get more space to spread. We get many benefits from this, such as brain concentrates, stress is reduced, lung diseases are also reduced due to more oxygen. By following these health tips in English, your heart also gets a high amount of oxygen. Which reduces the chance of heart disease.

8). Do yoga exercises or walks:

Do yoga exercises or walks: Pollution in the morning air is minimal, so get in the habit of yoga, exercise, or walking every morning. Whichever of the three you feel should be made an integral part of your life, why this habit is very important for your health.

9). Drink lukewarm water before going down:

Drink lukewarm water before going to dawn: Take 1 glass of lukewarm water every day before going to dawn. By doing this, the stool also becomes loose so that constipation, Gus, etc. are also cured and the gastritis of the stomach also increases.

10). Promote vegetarian food

It is said that the mind should give more priority to vegetarian food as the food is digested more quickly than the non-vegetarian food and stomach related diseases are less.

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