Jones BBQ And Foot Massage: The Breakout Skit Still Making Us Laugh

Jones BBQ And Foot Massage: The Breakout Skit Still Making Us Laugh

jones bbq and foot massage

Yo what's up, guys?  You're watching Reaction Time. Alright guys, today we're gonna watch a video that one of you guys tweeted at meIt's called "Jones good-ass Barbecue and Foot Massage"This video has over 5 million viewsI'm only gonna watch parts and clips of it, so if you want to watch the full video, the link's gonna be down below without further ado let's get right into it. (Man singing off-key) Jones Barbecue and Foot Massage! Nope, nope nope nope! This is what you guys got me into!  jones good ass bbq and foot massage

This is one of those homemade commercials that you see on TV every once in a while and you're just like... "Why does it look so unprofessional but I kinda wanna go there now."This is what this commercial's gonna be.omg bro, you got - you got fucking Barney and a chicken.  Why chicken? Barbecue and foot massage!   You better come down here, get some-a dis shit!. You like to eat! Why - why is there a face on the fucking bucket or...Oooh, oh yeahI'm just putting it out there, if you're ever trying to make a homemade commercial don't show that, alright, that does not look appealing or appetizing at all.

 I mean it probably bomb-ass food, prolly delicious mouth-watering food but, dat look like it has AIDS, okay? And, I'm scared. IT AIN'T SUCH GOOD BARBECUE ANYMORE! 'Cause the fryer's fucked up. (southern accent) It done fucked up.. Enjoy a meal, and get their feet rubbed... We'll fry anything you want for $5.99Did he just say get their feet rubbed? He just - he just said... wtf, is there a picture of afoot? Wt... WTF?!! Gonna eat your barbecue while getting your foot rubbed?! Sign me up man!I'm so down! I know the idea sounds a little weird, sounds a little creepy like, this guy with greasy hands just touched that nasty fryer is gonna rub your feet, but... I mean if you're eating chicken you're calming back down and then he rubbing - he's massaging your foot... I mean you can sign me up.  How much is that? We'll fry anything you want for $5.99 as long as it's friable, or edible, we gon' make it delicionable. I'm fucking done. (laughing, wheezing)"As long as friable and edible, we gonna make it delicious-able."  WTF is "delicious-able"?Guys, I just spit.

  I JUST SPIT! Guys, as long as you make your friable, and edible, he's gonna fry anything and everything, and it's gonna be delicious. Is deliciously like the new product line for Lunchables? Like there's Lunchables, and now it's Deliciousables!Do you even grammar bro? We'll fry candy bars- Ok that kinda sounds good Ask McDonald's to fry something other than what they normally fry. That does NOT look appealing!! At least clean it! Yo, if you're about to make a commercial, and it's based around frying things and you're about to show your fryer, make sure you clean make that shit like shiny. 

Make sure you have a clean fryer.  Don't - Oh my God.C'mon Barney, Barney let's see what you got Barney. ... gently tenderized to their optimum deliciousness. You mean "delicious-able"?Deliciously. Cmon beat the sh - beat that shit So friends, let's just decide you don't want no barbecue. Well, that's fine too. Why not let one of my foot specialists or myself my God, what the fuck... alright it just got FREAKY bro! What the fuck?! Alright, this is - they're trolling me. This is a joke. This is a joke. 

This is not real.. ... at the new website. That's J O N E S big-ass truck rental and storage dot com(southern accent) Jones good-ass barbecue n' foot massage! (southern accent) Where you get your foot tingled, while we fry up some delicious food.  (chuckle)Yo, I know this is like,  this commercial is kinda bad. Some people will say, alright this is a bad commercial. But I had fun with this guy.  This is a place I would go to mean, if I feel like shit afterward, I would know it's 'cause of this place, but it doesn't matter'cause, I bet the food will taste delicious and this guy just looks - he looks like the homie, he looks nice man. I would have to make sure he's wearing gloves. 'Cause he just rubbed people's feet, he massaged people's feet with his hands. I don't want him to touch my food!  That's disgusting and dirty, it's not sanitary. (southern accent) Jones's good-ass barbecue and foot massage. As long as it's friable and edible, it's gonna be delicious! Lunchables. Lunchables, it's the Lunchable commercial, I'm telling you. backslash Jones good ass barbecue and foot massage-  dot H T M L- (Tal, loud southern accent) Jones... GOOD ASS BARBECUE... and FOOT MASSAGE- (customer) Excuse me, did you call number 52?- (Jones) 

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