Prime Minister Narendra Modi

prime minister narendra modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Many issues like costly pulses, cow slaughter, intolerance have been the subject of discussion in the country since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, but one of the biggest topics of discussion is the Prime Minister's foreign visits. In the case of these tours, the people of BJP often have to remain silent on the questions of the media or the opposition. After assuming power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so far traveled to 17 percent of the countries of the world. In this period of 14 months, Modi has traveled to 33 countries till 24 November 2015 and he has surpassed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in this matter.

After assuming power in May 2014, Modi spent 6 days on foreign land, while in this case, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spent 171 days on foreign land during his second term (June 2009 to May 2014). During this tenure, Manmohan Singh traveled to 34 countries, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sunk 33 countries during his tenure of 14 months.

Between June 2014 and June 2015, Modi traveled to 14 countries and during this period, the foreign tour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi cost 37.22 crore rupees. Prime Minister Modi's Australia, USA, Germany. Visits to Fiji and China are among the most expensive foreign trips. Modi stayed in Australia for 5 days and spent 4.91 crore rupees on that tour, while 4.13 crore rupees for 5 days tour in the USA, 2.92 crores in 3 days in Germany, 2.59 on a 1-day tour in Fiji. 2.34 crores were spent on crores and 3 days tour in China. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was more expensive than Modi in terms of spending on visits to close countries. 2.50 crore rupees were spent on Narendra Modi's visit to Bhutan on 15–14 June, while Manmohan Singh's visit to Bangladesh on 6–4 September 2011, was spent on 6.7 crore rupees.

Regarding these foreign visits, the government argues that Modi's visits to foreign investment are increasing. Government investment is increasing through Modi's visits. According to government data, in 2015-2015, F.D.I has increased by 24 percent. India has received a foreign investment of 30.93 billion dollars.

No foreign tour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have been complete without meeting the Indian community. They meet people from India and connect them with today's India. The effect of this is that today Indians living abroad have broken all records in the matter of sending money to the house.

The World Bank estimates that this year, Prime Minister Modi's efforts to connect Indians living abroad to his country are seen to be a success. Although money is never the scale of a relationship, the figures of the World Bank are testifying what effect the PM's foreign visits have had on the Indians living there.

According to the report of the World Bank in the month of the Auto bar, Indians living abroad will spend about $ 42 billion to India this year. This amount is more than the foreign investment this year. The rate of sending money from abroad to Indians was increasing every year at a speed of only 0.4%. After pm's foreign visits, now this rate has reached 2.5%. It is clear from these figures that Indians living abroad have a strong trust in their country.

They consider it safe to invest in India. They are increasing the money they send to their families. Senapati is buying here. They are investing money in the market. About three crore people of India and Indian origin live abroad. It is better than any other country in the world in Indian engineering, medical and technology works. A lot of money is sent to India, especially from Gulf countries. The big thing is that Indians have left China behind even in sending money to their country. This is a sign. China has already lagged behind India in terms of investment. Now the turn is to leave him behind in development.

pm Narendra Modi in all the countries of the world, there is confidence in investors. pm Modi is raising hopes among businessmen, big investors that if there is any growth engine of Asia, it is India. The data is also a witness to this. According to the London financial newspaper, India overtook China in terms of investment. In the first 6 months of 2015, there was a foreign investment of $ 31 billion in India. Whereas India's total investment was $ 24 billion in the last year. In 6 months of this year, there was a foreign investment of 24 billion dollars in China.

Whereas last year, China had a total investment of 126 billion dollars. That is, last year, China had four times more investment than India. But so far this year, India has overtaken China in terms of investment. Obviously, India seems to be the biggest force in entire Asia. Every major agency in the world is verifying this. It is also a big thing that during this time there is a possibility of a continuous decline in China's economy. In such a situation, there is also a challenge before India that the investment that is decreasing from China should come towards the maximum of India.

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