What is coronavirus?

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus (cov 19) refers to a family of viruses whose infection can range from a cold to a problem with breathing. This virus has never been seen before. The virus infection started in December in Wuhan, China. according to who. Fever, cough, difficulty in breathing are its symptoms. So far no vaccine has been made to stop the virus from spreading.

what is coronavirus?

What are the symptoms of this disease?

As a result of this infection, problems like fever, cold, shortness of breath, runny nose, and sore throat arise. This virus spreads from one person to another. Therefore, great care is being taken about this virus. The virus first caught in China in December. It is expected to reach other countries.

How does this virus spread?

The means of spreading the virus are not clear yet. It is a new virus and probably originated from animals and now it is spreading from man to man. How the 2019 Novel Corona Virus passes from one human to another is a secret. It is believed that it spreads through coughing or sneezing of an infected person, in the same way as a cold or breathing disease, which causes the spread of the pathogen.

What are the preventive measures?

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to prevent coronavirus. According to these, hands should be washed with soap. Alcohol-based hand rubs may also be used. Keep nose and mouth covered with handkerchiefs or tissue paper while sneezing. Keep distance from people who have cold and flu symptoms. Avoid the consumption of eggs and meat. Avoid exposure to wild animals.

2919-2020 What is the source of novel coronavirus?

Till now, the sources of infection of novel coronavirus have not been identified. The coronavirus is a large lineage of viruses, some of which infect humans and house some animals. In Wuhan city of China, infected patients were found in large seafood and animal markets, indicating that the virus may be the source of the virus.

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