15th August Essay

15th August Independence Day Essay In English for Students 2020

Say freedom or freedom, it is a word in which the whole sky is covered. Freedom is a natural feeling or says that the desire for freedom is not only in humans but also in animals and flora. For centuries India was under the slavery of the British, suffering people from their atrocities. Restless to breathe openly, the first trumpet of independence in India was played in 1857 but for some reason, we could not get free from the bondage of slavery. In fact, the struggle for independence became more so when Bal Gangadhar Tilak said that "Freedom is our birthright".

Independence Day

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A forceful speech for 15 August 2019

The Pride of Independence is written by the efforts and sacrifices of many revolutionaries and patriots. If the seed is also pressed into the earth, then it comes out of the earth in want of sun and air because freedom is the boon of life. No matter how much happiness a person gets in subjugation, but he does not get the pleasure that he gets even when he takes the trouble in freedom. That is why it is said that-
15th august 1947 day

Subdued dreams are not happy.

Who could have enslaved a country in which revolutionary people like Chandrashekhar, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Subhash Chandra, Khudiram Bose, Ramprasad Bismil and patriots like Gandhi, Tilak, Patel, Nehru were present? After all, we got freedom from slavery and tyranny of the British on the 14th of August on the important contribution of the patriots. This freedom is invaluable because this freedom contains the struggle, sacrifice, and sacrifice of our innumerable brothers.

We have not got this freedom as a gift. Vande Mataram and Inquilab roared to the gallows, many gallant patriots hanging on a roar. The Jallianwala massacre on 13 April 1919, that blood-stained land, is still a testimony to the sacrifice of patriotic male-women.
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Freedom also brings with us many responsibilities, all of which we should conserve honestly, but are we still respecting the reality of freedom even after 66 years? The reason is that if schools and government offices do not celebrate 15 August and do not take a holiday on that day, then people should not even remember that Independence Day is our national festival which is one of the most important days of our lives.15th august essay in hindi

According to a survey, it was found that the youth of today get the most information about freedom through films and the second number from school books which only entertain or understand. Not able to understand his importance. By updating themselves on Twitter and Facebook and understanding financial freedom as real freedom. Valentine's Day is also being celebrated as the festival of independence.15 august independence day of which countries

The open-air we are breathing today is the result of the sacrifice and sacrifice of our ancestors. It is our moral responsibility to understand the spirit of freedom from difficulties. Feel the unique experience of the colors of the tricolor on the day of Independence. Celebrate this festival with full heart and enthusiasm as the birthday of independent India. Freedom means not only social and economic freedom but also a promise that we will take our country to the heights of development. Always understand the dignity and honor of India more than yourself. Ravindra Nath pauses the pen with Tagore's poems.

Ho mind where fear-void, forehead be advanced
Be knowledge where free, open-world
No walls are built in the walls of the house
Where truth is the source of all words
Ho diligently to do everything properly
There should be no desert
The stream of this conscience cannot be found
Always be considerate of thoughts and deeds
Things should be thoughtful and thoughtful
O father free, create heaven in us
Our country just awakened in that heaven.

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